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Modeling Considerations for Achieving Valid Results in Compliant Assembly Tolerance Analysis.

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Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction 
  3. Compliant Parts in Assemblies 
  4. Define Misalignment Gap by STA 
  5. Force-Closed Assembly by FEA
  6. The Stiffness Matrix 
  7. Matrix Partitioning 
  8. Stiffness Matrix Condensation 
  9. Advantages of Super-Elements 
  10. Two Plate Ex. 
  11. Two Plate Ex.--Fundamental Equations
  12. Two Plate Ex.--Solutions for Part Displacements
  13. Four Assembly Solutions 
  14. Two Plate Ex.--Super Elements 
  15. Two Plate Ex.--Solving Using RMS method
  16. Two Plate Ex.--Assembly Forces 
  17. The Need For a Covariant Solution 
  18. Presumed Statistical Solution 
  19. Covariance 
  20. Geometric Interpretation of Covariance 
  21. Product of Inertia and Covariance 
  22. Material Covariance 
  23. Geometric Covariance 
  24. FEA/STA Covariant Solution 
  25. Plate Ex.--3 Sigma w/ Material Covariance
  26. Plate Ex.--3 Sigma w/ Geometric Covariance 
  27. Limits of Monte Carlo 
  28. Advantages of FEA/STA 
  29. Multiple Cases - Single FEA Model 
  30. Conclusions 
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Author: Ken Chase