What is ADCATS?

ADCATS is the Association for the Development of Computer-Aided Tolerancing Systems. The mission of the association is in the development of CAD-based tolerancing software. It was founded in 1984 by Dr. Ken Chase, a Mechanical Engineering Professor at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah.

Members of the association include

Allied Signal Aerospace Boeing Cummins
FMC Ford Hewlett Packard
Hughes IBM Motorola
Sandia Labs Sigmetrix

Texas Instruments


Prof. Kenneth W. Chase
Kenneth W. Chase

ADCATS is located on the Brigham Young University campus  in Provo, Utah

The ADCATS Research Center

ADCATS members funded the initial development of the CATS software and contributed valuable  guidance in its development. They have shared their practical knowledge of design and manufacturing to ensure that CATS serves the needs of industry.

Three of Dr. Chase's graduate students joined with engineers from Texas Instruments to form Sigmetrix, developers of the CAD-based tolerance system CE/TOL 6sigma. This versatile 3-D tolerance analysis software is fully integrated with the Pro/E CAD system and is marketed internationally.

The ADCATS research team currently consists of two faculty, three graduate students, and one undergrad student. They are working on a variety of projects to advance tolerance technology and make the CATS system more comprehensive.

Where to go for more info

View presentations from the ADCATS 2001 conference.

Read ADCATS Papers and Publications.

Check out Example Problems.

Visit the Sigmetrix Website and learn more about the CE/TOL 6sigma tolerance system.

Contact one of the ADCATS research associates or ADCATS webmaster:

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Webmaster adcats@et.byu.edu

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