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Search Methods

Subject Command Example
Boolean Operators 'not' or '-' 'dogs not pizza' or 'dogs -pizza': searchs for all documents containing 'dogs' except those containing 'pizza'
'and' or '+' 'and hot and dog and pizza' or '+hot +dog +pizza': searches for documents with all three terms
'or' or nothing (default) 'or hot or dog or pizza' or 'hot dog pizzas': searches for documents with at least one of the three terms
Case Sensitivity 'Example' case sensitive 'parIS' -searches only for 'parIS'
'example' not-case sensitive 'paris' -searches for 'paris', 'PARIS', 'parIS' , etc.
Phrase search " ... " quotes included "Zoltan Milosevic" = returns hits only for this phrase, and not elements of the phrase such as 'Slobodan Milosevic met with Zoltan Smith'.
String search "$" "$in" = returns all hits that contain the string 'in', such as 'bin', 'kind', 'inside', etc
Combine searchs N.A. Searches can be combined, such as: '+the +kitten not "the kitten"', which would return values containing 'the' and 'kitten', but not the phrase 'the kitten'.


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The original Simple Search was created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive.
Like Matt's script, our version is freeware and can easily be set up on most websites.