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Professor Rüdiger Hochmuth submitted the following paper and 
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The current feature publication is a paper written by:

Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Hochmuth
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Meerkamm
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Willy Schweiger

Chairs of Engineering Design at
University Erlangen-Nuremberg Germany

The paper is entitled :


Published in:

2nd International Workshop on Integrated Product Development IPD 98; Magdeburg; 1998; pp. 65 - 76.


In this paper an approach will be made to a general view on tolerances in mechanical engineering, especially on tolerancing and optimising tolerance specifications by five major strategies. To improve the quality of a product the tolerancing problem may not be seen isolated, also adjoining subjects have to be considered, as the stiffness and elastic deformation of machine parts, the construction structure, manufacturing processes, the assembly of components and the use of a product (multi-criterial optimisation). One of the possibilities is the use of tolerance controlled constraints. These consequences of the product tolerancing will have to be investigated by the designer during the design process. Therefore, computer supported tools, which are integrated into an Engineering Workbench (overall architecture) to support the activities of the designer in each stage of the product development process, help to solve design conflicts.

The paper is avialable in online HTML and Adobe Acrobat formats:

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