CQPI has been at the forefront in the development of new techniques for improving the quality of products, product designs and manufacturing processes, as well as service. Specific advances have included statistical approaches to the development of robust products and processes, the design of experiments, advanced statistical process control techniques, critiques and improvements of quality techniques coming from Japan, and treatises on improving the quality of teaching.

  • Purdue University's Geometric Constraint Site.

    Geometric constraint solving has applications in many different fields, such as molecular modeling, Computer-Aided Design, tolerance analysis, and geometric theorem proving. In this primer, a solution to the problem of finding a configuration for a set of geometric objects which satisfies a given set of constraints between the geometric elements is detailed.

  • Sigmetrix -- a site for information about CE/TOL 6 Sigma software.

    Sigmetrix is a partnership between the original creators of the CE/TOL 6 Sigma Tolerance Optimization System and Rand Worldwide. CE/TOL 6 Sigma has been shipping to Pro/ENGINEER customers since 1992 and is distributed exclusively by Rand Worldwide and Parametric Technology Corporation on a worldwide basis. CE/TOL 6 Sigma is a comprehensive tolerancing solution that has been developed exclusively for the Pro/ENGINEER user. CE/TOL 6 Sigma has been adopted as the tolerancing solution supporting 6 Sigma strategic initiatives at many of Parametric Technology Corporation's largest accounts.

  • Variation Risk Management at MIT.  

    Mechanical Engineering Sites

  • Brigham Young University Mechanical Engineering Department

  • University of Utah Mechanical Engineering Department.  Includes links to Department divisions and Research centers.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Mechanical Engineerin

A list of links compiled by Stanford university concerning University ME Departments, Mechanical Engineering Institutes and Societies, Mechanical Engineering Vendor Pages, & Mechanical Engineering Forums and Newsgroups

  • Mechanical Engineering University sites.

    This is WWW Virtual Library list of univerisity departments of mechanical engineering, with pages describing programs, faculty, and related department information. There is a list of all universities and there is a separate directory of raduate and post-graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering in the world and elsewhere.

  • EINet Galaxy

    This is an index of Mechanical engineering sites compiled by Galaxy. Galaxy was originally a prototype associated with the DARPA-funded Manufacturing Automation and Design Engineering (MADE) program, administered by the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. It was intended to explore technologies for providing large-scale directory services in support of electronic commerce.


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